Battle of the Bands Senior Division Finalists

10 Youth bands will be performing at SBYMA’s first annual Youth Battle of the Bands FINAL EVENT this Sunday, October 24th at the Marjorie Luke Theater at 6 PM.  The following five bands are the five senior division bands that will be showcased at the event…

  • Birth of Cypress

This Santa Barbara band is comprised of high school buddies that felt very connected when they starting playing music together at the farmer’s market in 2010.  Band member include Jake Elliott, 17 ( Plays Djembe and Vocals), Garrett Timmons, 17 (Plays acoustic guitar and vocals), Alex Victoria, 17 (Plays ukulele and vocals), and Will Candy, 16 (Plays acoustic guitar). This band can be described as “folk rock with hint of world” and recently provided music for a wedding. You can listen to their music on Youtube.

  • Cut Time

Cut Time is a Goleta band that started in 2008, thanks to William Fiedktou of SBYMA and “a little serendipity”. Band members include: Michael Sikich (keyboard), Daniel Salinas (vocals), Timothy Stanton (drums), Cory Nelson (bass), Vitorio Di Novi (lead guitar), and Dante Dorantes (saxophone). They band claims that they “don’t rock out,” and describes their sound as jazz. You can read more information about this band on their website.

  • False Puppet

False Puppet is a Santa Barbara band that was “created in 2009 by combining the wickedly awesome talents of Tyler and Brennan Benko (guitar and drums respectively) and the hyper energetic bass of Channing Peake; these young guns really know how to rock the house!”

Band members include: Tyler Benko, 15 (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Channing Peake , 15 (Bass, Vocals), and Brennan Benko, 14 (Drums). False Puppet describes their sound as “driving hard rock,” and lists their influences as Green Day, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Weezer, and Rage Against the Machine.

You can read more about False Puppet on Facebook or on their website.

  • New Cats

The New Cats is a Santa Barbara band that has been playing funk, rock, reggae and some jazz from the 1950’s to the 1990’s ever since 2005. Band members include Aaron Dutton, 16 (alto saxaphone), Eli Seaman, 14 (keyboard), Cameron Remak, 15 (drums), Cory Nelson, 18 (bass guitar), and Willie Guy Pate, 16 (lead guitar).

“This band was the first youth band formed by William Fiedtkou before the Youth Music Academy even existed, and they “set the stage” for other bands formed by William by successfully performing in public and gaining popularity.  The name NEWCATS evolved from the first letter of each band member’s first name… Over the years, the boys have become amazing young men and outstanding musicians as a group and individually. They all attend different schools and have different hobbies, but find common ground in their love for music and the fun they have performing Rock, Funk, Reggae and jazz from various decades together. Their instrumental versions of popular music have been enjoyed by all including the performers. Their experience as the NEWCATS has included events such as The Westbeach Festival, The Avocado Festival, I Modonarri, The Girsh Park Summer Festival, Fiesta, The University Club, Borders, Jensen’s, Camino Real Market Place, Kids for a Cure (yearly), and various other festivals, fundraisers and private parties.”

You can read more about the New Cats on their Facebook and Myspace pages.

  • Windmill Vandals

The Windmill Vandals are a Santa Barbara band that formed in 2009 when they “all met at Santa Barbara Middle School and hit it off from there!” Band members include: Travis Tighe, 17 (Vocals, Guitar), Zach Wallace, 16 (Guitar, Keys), Dakota Dobbin, 16 ( Drums), and Ezra Danley, 16 (Bass).

This band describes their sound as “blues-influenced rock” and explains that they are influenced by musicians like White Stripes, Band of Skulls, Wolfmother, Elbow, Portugal, and The Man.

You can read more about this band on their Facebook or Myspace page!

These bands will compete in front of a panel of judges made up of local community members from the entertainment industry including JR Richards, front man and singer/songwriter for Dishwalla, Nick Gunn, multi-platinum recording artist, Alan Bailey, former Treasurer of Paramount Pictures and Darin Fiechter, owner of Live Culture Records.

The final competition will award the top 3 bands from each division a series of cash prizes as well as  the exclusive opportunity for their band members to be mentored by a professional stage manager. Winning bands will also receive local media recognition for their bands, among many other prizes.


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